Denise Reed Lamoreaux | Atos

Global Chief Diversity Officer

Denise Reed Lamoreaux | Atos

Global Chief Diversity Officer
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Denise Reed Lamoreaux is the Global Chief Diversity Officer at Atos with a proven track record of producing extraordinary results.  In her role, Denise strives to

  • Drive efforts to increase diversity of staff members through education programming, coaching, mentoring and recruitment/retention strategies, while fostering an inclusive workplace that values, and is sensitive to, the diversity of our staff
  • Interface with legal, communications, marketing, and HR teams to directly impact employee perceptions and corporate culture
  • Facilitate, moderate, and evaluate corporate programs to provide transformational experiences
  • Liaise with recruiting and internal first to hire, promote, and retain key talent from all representative groups
  • Lead both operational and strategic activities for internal and external audiences to affect change and impact decisions in recruiting, hiring, retention, and recognition
  • Collaborate with Learning and Development to support employee success by offering programs, services, individual assistance and resources designed to enhance the diverse development of 120,000 + global resources in 73 countries
  • Position Atos as an ethical, diverse, and inclusive employer of choice

Based in Rochester, New York, Denise has been involved in diversity and learning-related endeavors for 30 + years.  Her career has encompassed Secondary Education, Professional Leadership Coaching, Leadership, and Instructing at both the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School and Monroe Community College’s Corporate College program.

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