Innovating Performance Management

November 14, 2019
9:00 am

Innovating Performance Management

The way we work has changed, and so has performance management. Over the last five years, approximately one-third of U.S. companies have scrapped annual performance appraisals in favor of more dynamic and real time performance management processes.  These new methods emphasize continuous improvement through a focus on agile goal management and ongoing feedback. It’s more than just a process change, it’s a change to something most employees have never experienced. Its new behaviors for managers and HR too. The results organizations are reaping through these new performance management models show the path is promising. Still, finding the right solution takes time and commitment. And there is no single path.

If you have been tasked with innovating performance management for your organization, come hear how one company did it. Rob Ollander-Krane, Director of Talent Planning and Performance at Gap Inc.’s will share their journey. He will share how to:

  • Make the business case–and engage leaders–in revitalizing the performance process
  • The research, benchmarking and methodology used
  • The results and lessons learned