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Day 1
November 14, 2019
Day 2
November 15, 2019

Innovating Performance Management

The way we work has changed, and so has performance management. Over the last five years, approximately one-third of U.S. companies have scrapped annual performance appraisals in favor of more...
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Rob Ollander-Krane | Gap Inc.

Workplace Culture: Nothing Works in Business Until the “People Issues” are Fixed

Of the four business opportunities – people, execution, strategy, and cash – People is where you must start. To become a high-performance organization, you must address people issues before they...
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Shelley Smith | Premier Rapport, Inc.

How AI is Disrupting the Recruiting Industry

The AI hype train is speeding full steam ahead, with significant disruption predicted across all industries, including recruiting and staffing. But what’s the real impact of this cutting-edge technology and...
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Chris Doherty | Scout

Integrating Compliance with Business Strategy: Not Just a Necessity

An interactive session that will explore: What compliance is and why it’s important; Using a case study, discuss how to move your organization from “compliance training” to an integrated business/compliance...
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Stephanie Miller | Lowe’s Companies

Innovating and Transforming HCM through Technology

Technology plays a crucial role in transforming Human Resources as excellence in HCM cannot be achieved without integrating and enabling technology to your company’s specific needs.  In this session, we...
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Communicating Across Generations

Today’s business environment means three or four generations are working together. Learn how to tailor your communications to reach different audiences and achieve maximum messaging effectiveness.
Erin Miller | Caterpillar

Be a Successful Change Leader

Successful change is one of the biggest problems that today’s companies face. In our fast-changing world, the strategic imperative to change is often clear – “without doing things differently, our...
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Tracie Hill | United Way Suncoast

Even Performance Reviews Need Performance Reviews

Did you realize that women receive far less specific performance feedback than men do?  Did you know that, of the feedback given to women, there are vague references to performance,...
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Denise Reed Lamoreaux | Atos

Analytics: Measurement Innovations to Support Talent Development

Understanding the successfulness of your training and talent development programs is necessary in order to achieve your business goals and objectives.  This session will examine such things as: Identifying desired...
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Aligning Training & Development with the New Digital World

Technology is shifting the direction of training and development. A common challenge is keeping up with the sophistication in learning that is accelerated by technology. This session will look at:...
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Hire Humans, Not Resumes

As we’ve moved to automated recruitment processes, we’ve started to lose the ability to hire humans instead of resumes.  At one time or another, we were all a person with...
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Diversity & Inclusion in 2019 & Beyond

This session will take a look at a variety of diversity and inclusion issues such as: Examining what diversity & inclusion mean for us in today’s workplace Removing gender bias...
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Vanessa Alvarado | Stryker

Simplify the Recruitment Process Through Design Thinking

Candidate-engaged recruitment starts with a comprehensive process. Using design thinking, you can successfully build an end-to-end recruiting process around the candidate.  We will examine the current state of hiring processes and...
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Improving the Employee Experience: Hear the Voice of the Employee

VoC or Voice of the Customer has been a trending phrase in marketing and customer service for most organizations – So Where is the VoE or the Voice of the...
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The Journey to Eliminate Annual Appraisals

It’s no secret that the vast majority of managers, staff, and HR leaders find limited value in the annual performance evaluation process. Staff want more frequent feedback—and they would benefit...
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Mark Schlosser | University of Chicago Medical Center
Patricia Nebrida | University of Chicago Medicine

Empowering Your Workforce through Performance Management

The role of performance management relative to workforce empowerment Performance and engagement strategies and best practices on employees’ strengths Empowering employees to take charge of their performance and development within...
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Jacqueline DeChamps | Visionworks

Onboarding: Does Your Onboarding Program Integrate New Employees/Leaders to Build Early Momentum?

Nearly all organizations do a competent job at the basic administrative tasks of bringing on new employees, but they tend to do little to prevent the problems that can arise...
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Understanding How the Evolving Talent Landscape is Impacting HR Strategy

Discuss how the role of HR has evolved in recent years Understand the demographics of your talent pool Determine key components in recruitment strategies and how to implement them Create...
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Campfire Conversation — Transforming Performance Management: Best Practices for Keeping Employees Engaged

Performance management is in the midst of a revolution. The companies leading this charge are achieving this in two ways: ditching annual evaluations in favor of ongoing manager–employee dialogue and...
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