2019 Partners

Scout is a search firm management system for all categories of hires. Clients get access to thousands of specialty recruiters, resulting in shortened time to fill, lower costs and simplified compliance. Scout is free to employers and integrates with the leading Applicant Tracking Systems. Scout is trusted by hundreds of employers, including 50 Fortune 500 companies. For more information please visit http://www.goscoutgo.com.

Humantelligence is the first company to accurately measure culture so that companies can hire for “best fit” to optimize performance and reduce turnover.  Our leading self-assessment measures scientifically (not via survey) an individual’s behaviors, motivators, work styles in less than 12 minutes, then aggregates the data among groups of people, to deliver powerful Talent Insights via data analytics which allows companies to measure Team Culture (and Corporate Culture) for the first time ever), which leads to better engagement between all employees, improved leadership. https://humantelligence.com