2019 Partners

Scout is an AI-driven recruitment marketplace that gives employers a new way to connect with specialty recruiters. We identify, rank and match the best recruiters for each role, category of hire, industry, and location.  Scout delivers on your total talent acquisition needs while mitigating compliance risk with our single contract and consolidated billing (which, by the way, will help with your supplier diversity spending targets as we are a certified minority-owned business).

We are easy to set up, free to use (you read that right) and fully integrated from day one because we are already partnered with the leading ATS’ and VMS ‘. Visit http://www.goscoutgo.com.

Humantelligence ( www.humantelligence.com ) is the leading cloud-based recruiting and culture analytics solution that leverages artificial intelligence and talent analytics to measure team culture and to help companies recruit for culture fit and predictive success. Our scientifically proven 12-minute self-assessment and analytics platform measures culture at every level, uncovering talent insights that can be leveraged for improving performance, engagement, and hiring.

Recruit for Fit
Streamline your recruiting process by assessing candidates against your team culture and ensure you hire for fit and predictive success.

Improve Performance
Use talent analytics to gain insights about your team and achieve culture alignment, higher engagement and optimal workforce performance.